Friday, October 5, 2007


Whoops! In over 1300 games, there was bound to be a mistake... in 1955 Vanderbilt won the ball and I didn't give them credit for it. Interestingly enough, it doesn't seem to affect things all that much, other than Maryland getting a brief chance to defend the title.

Incidentally, I did take a quick look at the NFL records to see who held the silver ball in that league. I didn't check it all that carefully, but it looks like the Cleveand Bulldogs won it in 1927 and then, as happened a lot in the NFL in the 20s, they folded. Oh well. At least I don't have to figure out what to do with the Steagles.

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David D said...

At least you didn't get any death threats from Vandy fans... maybe I'll post about that cricket one some time when the trauma has worn off.