Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baseball's night of nights

Here we are in the middle of baseball's award season. I, for one, am not glued to the news wire hanging on the announcement of the Silver Slugger winners, or the Rookies of the Year, or even the Cy Young and MVP awards. It just drags on for days and there's too much else going on. Work, for instance. Or Columbia basketball.

But we could compress all of this boredom into one fabulous evening of... well, less boredom. Everyone could travel to Cooperstown for baseball's night of nights, the biggest awards ceremony held in November, the... somethings. Robbies? Diamonds? Ruthies? Ok, that last one might be a bad idea.

Imagine the dazzling A-Rod gracing the red carpet, carefully timing his entrance and suit to upstage Derek Jeter. The simple dignity of Roger Clemens, accepting his eighth straight Comeback Player of the Year award, then slugging Mike Piazza at the after party. The compulsory fluid test results coming up on the big screen to confirm whether each award remains with its original recipient.

Come on, Bud. Do just one thing right for baseball. Give us an awards night.

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Andrew Ross said...

I can see it now... A-Rod strolling down the red carpet in a lovely evening gown... "A-Rod, who are you wearing?"

Also, that split-screen where they show all the nominees and then the losers have to pretend that they're happy for the winner... you know baseball players won't be very good at that. That will be awesome.