Friday, November 2, 2007

Big 3 part 2 now 1 and 0

For those living in a cave, the new era of the Boston Celtics got off to a nice opening tonight- a casual 20 point win over the Wizards. For the record, Paul Pierce scored 28, Kevin Garnett 22 (with 20 rebounds), and Ray Allen 17.

I'm not entirely convinced that the Celtics will win the East, as Sports Illustrated seems to be*. But we can probably look forward to two or three years of real fun before this team starts to look like the Knicks circa 2003. I'll happily trade seven years of mediocrity for three of brilliance and four of crushing decrepitude.

* Of course, Sports Illustrated screwed it up horrifically by putting Garnett, Allen, and Pierce all on the cover at once. I await news of major knee injuries.

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