Monday, November 19, 2007

Black and white and a grey area

In a column today in the NY Times, Bill Rhoden talks about recent high profile investigations involving Marion Jones, Barry Bonds, and Michael Vick, and comes up with this interesting quote:

My issue has to do with an apparent double standard that has focused, thus far, on black athletes.

I don't think three athletes make a pattern. Do you really believe that if Jason Giambi had denied all, and Bonds and Sheffield had come clean, that no prosecutor would have come after the big white player for lying? The press has certainly hung Giambi out to dry on multiple occasions.

So, by way of counterexample, here's a list off the top of my head, from the last couple of decades, of people in sports who've been investigated either by the authorities or their employers, and found wanting, none of whom are black, and all of whom were made an example of: Art Schlichter, Pete Rose, Bobby Knight, Marv Albert, Pokey Chatman, Dave Bliss, Rafael Palmeiro, Tonya Harding, Jason Grimsley, Todd Bertuzzi.

Any others of note?

Am I wrong - is there a bias in investigating the alleged crimes of sportspeople?

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