Friday, November 23, 2007

Hog wild

Arkansas 50, LSU 48 (3 OT)

After one of the greatest games in the history of the mythical trophy, the Silver Ball is now in the keeping of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Darren McFadden's three rushing touchdowns, along with one passing, will have helped his Heisman Trophy chances, too.

McFadden, nominally the tailback, took a number of direct snaps with quarterback Casey Dick lining up to one side, in motion. They call this the Wild Hog formation, and it was something to see. McFadden could run, hand off to the usual QB for a throw, or fake a hand off and throw himself. He ran 73 yards for a touchdown, and passed 24 yards for another out of this formation.

This is something unique to college football. In the NFL, defenses are so fast and strong that only a limited number of game plans will not be crushed instantly. In college, you get the same I formation and west coast offense as in the pros, as well as such beauties as the fun and gun, wishbone, triple option, spread option, single wing, and now the Wild Hog. When Oregon beat up Michigan early this season, they not only ran a successful Statue of Liberty play, they followed it up with a bootleg touchdown run from a fake Statue of Liberty play. Vive la difference.

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