Thursday, December 20, 2007

The ultimate answer

Ryan Miller made 42 saves last night as the Sabres beat the Islanders at Nassau Coliseum, 2-1. 42! Holy cow. Or, rather, Holy Buffalo.

Hopefully this improvement in form can continue, and they can stumble into a playoff spot. I'm still smarting from last season's incredible start and anticlimactic finish. I tried not to, but still managed to convince myself that 2006-7 was the season the Stanley Cup would be heading to western NY. Maybe this time? I doubt it.

While I'm on the NHL, I should mention Andrew's notion for a reformed league. Get rid of all of the teams from places where hockey just doesn't belong: Phoenix, Tampa, Atlanta, and so on. Replace them with teams in those Canadian cities that really deserve hockey, then add a new division: NHL Europe. Imagine teams in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Hamburg, Prague...

Now imagine Moscow coming to the Garden to play the Rangers. Who wouldn't want to see that instead of Anaheim vs Dallas? Write to Gary Bettman now.


Andrew Ross said...

It would be pretty cool, except I suspect the owners of the existing hockey leagues in Europe might be a bit upset by this.

Anonymous said...

The NHL needs to get rid of Gary Bettman! The arrogant jerk is ruining the league!!