Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"Undisputed" National Champion

Everyone already knows LSU beat up on Ohio State last night to claim the BCS title, for what that's worth. They also took #1 in the final AP poll, making them officially an undisputed national champion. That's pretty impressive for the first champ in 47 years to have two losses.

But then, the Tigers are hardly alone. Here's a look at the top six in the AP poll:

1. LSU (12-2)
2. Georgia (11-2)
3. USC (11-2)
4. Missouri* (12-2)
5. Ohio State (11-2)
6. West Virginia (11-2)

And seventh? 12-1 Kansas, losers of a close one to Mizzou, and otherwise beating Virginia Tech and a powderpuff schedule. Not that it's the Jayhawks' fault that Nebraska is so awful.

If this isn't screaming PLAYOFF, I don't know what is.

* Missouri, as Silver Ball holder, is of course the true undisputed champion

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