Friday, February 29, 2008

The bear awakens

The New York Times reports that Russia's hockey league is strong, and getting stronger. We are on record here as favoring a completely reconfigured NHL, with teams out of the south, back in Canada, and of course in Europe too. But the Russians might be ahead of our game:

Fetisov has also signed off on plans to create a Russian-controlled, pan-Eurasian league, a venture backed by the Russian Hockey Federation, the government and Gazprom that officials hope will one day become the NHL of the East.

Please let this happen! Then let the winner play the Stanley Cup winner. Imagine a seven game series between Montreal and Moscow for the true championship of the world...

In fact, better yet: let the NHL winner and the eastern league winner play for the Stanley Cup. Now that would lend some serious cachet to the series.

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