Thursday, February 21, 2008

Compare and contrast

Here we have the very latest in new stadium design. In Tampa, we have a proposed new field for the Rays - designed to go 15 knots in ideal wind conditions, it is also convertible to a catamaran for ocean racing. The sail-like translucent roof, so pristine in computer renderings, will doubtless look dull and scratchy within days of construction being completed. There's a reason no-one ever made Dodger Stadium in Brooklyn happen. Also, is that thing safe in a hurricane? Really?

At the other end of the spectrum, the Mets' Citifield is intended to reap all the nostalgic benefits of being a 1.5 scale copy of Ebbets Field, while fitting something resembling the now defunct West Side Stadium inside the facade. My main hope here is that the promise of all seats facing home plate is not a complete lie. My neck would be more than grateful.

In the meantime, what's left of Washington Park continues to crumble, unloved and almost forgotten. If only I had the money...

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