Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sports roundup

I'm on vacation out west, and more on that in a few days, but here are some thoughts on current events:

The 5-1 Orioles, without Eric Bedard but with a lights-out bullpen, own the best record in the American League. This cannot last, but I'm loving every second. The much ballyhooed Detroit lineup, meanwhile, is beginning to look like the epic 119 loss 2003 team all over again. Is there a Vegas line on which of these teams will finish with a better record?

Remember Memphis' narrow escape in the second round when they shot free throws like Shaquille O'Neal after wrist surgery? It's all come back to haunt them now. The strange thing is that no one will now remember a couple of awful Kansas moments in the final minute of regulation either - a layup blocked before it even started, and giving up an easy offensive rebound after yet another missed Memphis foul shot. Kudos to the Jayhawks though, on winning one of the best NCAA finals in memory.

Thanks to Steve Root for this: Williams and Amherst will be returning to Pittsfield, where it all began, to celebrate the birth of college baseball. Unfortunately they will not on this occasion be playing Massachusetts rules. If they do this again next year for the 150th anniversary, I will be there.

The more said about the current scandal in Formula One, the better. Wow.

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