Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekly obsessive college football roundup

While Missouri idled, a number of games with implications for the BCS title were played this week. #1 USC played dreadfully against Oregon State, #3 Georgia was humbled by #8 Alabama, #4 Florida was stunned by Ole Miss, and #9 Wisconsin threw away a 19 point lead against one of the worst teams Michigan has had in decades.

The big winners? Oklahoma, Texas, Penn State, and LSU.

And this after a series of pundits predicted a logjam of undefeated teams this year. Once again, please, give us a PLAYOFF. Make the Big Four Bowls the first round games in an eight team playoff - this would hardly diminish their importance. You could even allow the Rose Bowl first choice of Pac 10 and/or Big 10 teams.

Maryland, meanwhile, continued its surprising rennaissance with a comeback win over ranked Clemson. Is this 4-1 team really the one that lost to Middle Tennessee State?

And Columbia, brave though they were, went down to a very late touchdown at Towson. It's been about as good as an 0-2 start can be, I guess. At least Yale lost.

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