Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And the question of the day is...

...other than "how bad is Chase Utley's hair?"

... "Which division is the true Frostbite Division - the NFC North or the NHL Northeast?"

Let's check the numbers, by average low temperature.

NFC North:

Chicago 39°F
Green Bay 35°F
Minneapolis-St Paul 36°F
Detroit 39°F

NHL Northeast:

Boston 44°F
Buffalo 40°F
Toronto 42°F
Montreal 36°F
Ottawa 37°F

Winner: the NFC North. Extra points for having two of those teams playing outdoors, too.

But, it's not all about temperature, especially since these all include the summer months. We could look at wind chill, but let's see a pure measure of winter. Average annual snowfall:

NFC North:

Chicago 39in
Green Bay 48in
Minneapolis-St Paul 50in
Detroit 41in

NHL Northeast:

Boston 42in
Buffalo 94in
Toronto 52in
Montreal 84in
Ottawa 93in

The winner, in an avalanche: NHL Northeast, with three cities averaging 7 or more feet of snow every year. Now that's where you should be playing winter sports.

One last note: Although its snowfall is a pedestrian 44 inches, Winnipeg's average low temperature is 26°F. The average low temperature in Phoenix is 61°F. BRING BACK THE JETS.

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