Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Reflecting on the World Series...

...which is pretty easy to do, with all the pools of water in the infield.

Despite a great deal of bellyaching about the World Series from various columnists, I've quite enjoyed it. Last night's game was tense as hell, saw the infield fly rule withdrawn due to wind and rain, saw a potential Selig-rule-change-by-fiat* that actually would have been good, and kept the series alive for at least one more day.

What's the slogan again? I'm loving it. Or is that McDonald's?

Of course, Bud could always decide to move the World Series permanently to a stadium with a roof. I hear there's one in Milwaukee.

* That is, altering the called-game rule so the World Series couldn't end that way - I think that's a rule change that should be in writing asap.

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