Saturday, October 18, 2008


While such dull affairs as Miami-Duke and Michigan State-Ohio State were readily available on my television, the Silver Ball matchup between holders Oklahoma State and longshot challengers Baylor was sadly missing. Fortunately, I didn't miss much. The Cowboys brushed aside Baylor with ease, winning 34 to 6, and will defend the Silver Ball next week in Austin against mighty Texas.

In other news, Columbia (you guessed it) lost a close one at Penn, 15 to 10, which is their 13th straight loss, if I count correctly. Next week I'll be at Baker Field cheering the Lions on against Dartmouth. Pray for me.

Also, Maryland's bizarrely up and down season continued with a 26-0 win over ranked Wake Forest. This after a 31-0 loss to Virginia in their last game. Maryland has beaten three ranked teams this season, and lost to Middle Tennessee State. Send your explanations on a postcard.

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