Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Once in a lifetime?

With every twist and turn, every bad play call, every dropped pass, every excruciatingly stupid penalty, I hung on last night's Cards-Niners game as if my life depended on the outcome. Why? Because I was 13 for 13 picking the week's games coming in, and I only needed Arizona to avoid a huge upset to carry the first perfect NFL week, and likely the last, of my life.

My forehead is now looking very bruised from being beaten repeatedly against the coffee table. Arizona trailed for the entire game until 4:16 remained in the last quarter. They were penalized ten times for 71 yards, including two that negated interceptions returned for touchdowns. They allowed a vital extra two yards for a first down to a scrambling quarterback without a helmet. But in the end, San Francisco made the last horrible mistake, rushing their fullback into a gap that didn't exist as time expired.

I am 14 for 14. And I am exhausted.

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Steph said...

That's AWESOME, good for you!!

(I was also cheering for Arizona, but went to bed with 5 minutes to go.)