Wednesday, December 17, 2008


In the general category of announcements I never expected to see, the BCS Championship game (incidentally, also the Silver Ball game) will be telecast in selected cinemas nationwide in 3D. Presumably in conjunction with those nifty polarizing glasses they hand out.

Live sports.

In 3D.

This may not happen again. You can bet the people responsible for this blog will be there, even if we have to buy scalped tickets.

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Andrew Ross said...

Tickets purchased. I'm really looking forward to this -- I love 3D, and I think it's going to be especially well suited for sports. It'll be better than HDTV for sure.

This is not the first time football's been in 3D -- there was a Super Bowl halftime when I was a kid that had the halftime show in 3D. If you were a nerd like me and put the glasses before halftime, you could see the game in 3D -- presumably they were testing the system or something.