Thursday, June 18, 2009

Viewing options

I could watch the bucketing rain out my window. Or I could watch the bucketing rain in glorious HD from Bethpage, as the players trudge disconsolately through the first round of the US Open.

Today's fun fact: Andy North, now working as a commentator, won two tournaments as a professional. Both of them were US Opens.

Incidentally, why does Chris Berman get dragged out for major events like this? It strikes me that the best presenters would be the ones who cover the sport year round. Back when ESPN/ABC did hockey, the same thing would happen. Regular commentators all season, Chris Berman suddenly appearing for game one of the Stanley Cup finals. Leave him for football and baseball, please. Or just football.

Oh dear, play was just called off. I guess I'll go back to watching the rain out my window.

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