Saturday, August 8, 2009

Worst analogy ever

No one, yet, has signed Michael Vick. As a result, Bill Rhoden has the temerity to buy into Jesse Jackson's allegations of collusion and his comparison of Vick to Jackie Robinson.


Perhaps he's just not that great a quarterback for a West Coast offense. Remember, his passing numbers never were terribly great, even as his record for the most 100 yard rushing games by a QB piled up. Vick is the greatest scrambler who ever played the game, and an average passer at best. For better or worse, he is not like most QBs.

Most everyone runs a short passing system nowadays that values quick release, high accuracy, and risk averse decision making. Refitting such a system at drastically short notice to fit Vick in would be nigh impossible.

This isn't collusion. It certainly isn't racism. It's just stodgy NFL conservatism.

And football aside, Bill, I should forgive Michael Vick and his cohorts for some truly unspeakable deeds because hunting is legal? Screw that. I hate hunting, too, with a passion, and I think a great deal less of Brett Favre (for one) for partaking in it.

And as for the Robinson analogy, that's flat out offensive. Robinson was a hero, a genuine hero, to Brooklyn and baseball and the whole country. Vick is a cruel, callous felon.

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