Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Brighton Beach Nets?

The NY Times has a mini-profile of the Nets' potential Russian owner. Which is all very well. What struck me was this line:

If and when, the Nets will matter in a way they have only dreamed of since they were born in 1967 as the New Jersey Americans of the American Basketball Association, cash-poor and attention-starved.

Seriously? The Nets didn't matter when they had Doctor J? ABA or not, he changed basketball. And he did it in a New York Nets uniform. How soon they forget.


donald said...

If it was Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich buying the tea I'd be more enthused(sic?).

The Orignal CTRGG/TXRDonald
I mean, Chelsea DID win the Premiership last year!

David D said...

Actually, ManU won the Premiership. Again :(

donald said...

Last year-2008.

The Original GGRDonald
when the Saints go marching in.....