Thursday, January 14, 2010

A real World Series

Bud Selig is floating the idea of the World Series champions playing a series against the champions of Japan. This would be, in my opinion, by far the best thing he has ever done for baseball. Sure, it would likely be a killing, and really just an exhibition series. But then, so was the original World Series to begin with. And the Super Bowl. And one day, someone in Japan will start spending up big money to assemble a team capable of winning this thing. And with that one team, along will come the whole league over there... and sooner or later, you'll have an even contest. And millions more people playing baseball.

So let's do this right.

Shorten the regular season. Seriously. Get the local playoffs done in a reasonable time frame, and let's treat a real World Series with some respect. Give it time, and the series will repay this a hundredfold.

And, hey, NHL? Play the KHL Champs, too. Watch your sport grow.

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