Sunday, January 10, 2010

Surely now this party is over?

The Ravens are up 24-0 over the Patriots, in New England, in the first quarter. Several times since the Pats last won a Super Bowl, I have boldly declared that they are done, only to see them come back and have another fine year with a deep playoff run. Not to mention get within 35 seconds or so of a 19-0 season.

But this looks different. All year, really, the Pats have been very efficient at demolishing bad teams, but, pre-meltdown Indy game aside, they have shown precious little against contenders. Just ask the Saints.

Today, with some defensive disasters, two interceptions, looking completely out of synch, I think I will say it again: this dynasty is over*. Welcome to the world of "just another OK team."

What moment defined the end? Ed Reed's lateral after the interception. That was the act of a player who has no fear of his opponent. None at all.

* Just watch them come back and win this now.

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