Sunday, February 21, 2010

Don't even think about it

This costs us money, this disrupts our season and we're here because we think it helps our game. That doesn't mean we're not going to and it doesn't mean we are going to go. We will have a new CBA, and it will be a subject of discussions.

- Gary Bettman, on NHL players and their future in the Olympics

I know you're at the game, Mr. Bettman. I know you just saw the USA go 4-2 up on Canada, in the second tense and brilliant game of the day. With Finland and Sweden yet to take the ice. You are witness to a magical day of Olympic hockey - something I can merely dream of seeing, one day.

If you let these days continue.

In your time, you've taken NHL hockey away from Quebec and Winnipeg. You've taken away historic conferences and divisions. Please, Mr. Bettman, do not take away our Olympic hockey. Do not take away days like this.

That, Mr. Bettman, would be a horrendous mistake, even by your standards. Just this once, leave it alone.


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The Original Donald said...

I totally agree. I'm guessing the Continental Hockey League (KHL) will stop play for the 2014 Olympics, so if Bettman doesn't allow NHL players to play, I'll take the Soviet Red Army over the field.