Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting it together

Russia, in losing 7-3 to a red hot Canadian team, did not show us much of anything. Which makes me wonder. The two biggest Russian stars, Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin, played on the same line. In the NHL, they play for the Capitals and Penguins, who have had a bitter rivalry for a few years now. Every time those two teams play, Ovechkin goes after Malkin, and vice versa. Let's face it, the two guys can't stand each other. And when they play on the same line, it looks that way. They remind me of when the science building is closed - no chemistry.

This isn't fantasy football. The whole line needs some understanding and instinct. Hatred usually won't cut it. Herb Brooks knew that - in 1980 he kept the Boston College and Minnesota players on different lines as much as he possibly could.

It's like the Detroit Lions, who drafted Georgia's stud QB Drew Stafford to throw to Georgia Tech's stud WR Calvin Johnson. I wouldn't take the risk. Too many years of indoctrination to undo.

What a disappointment that game was. How many months till college football starts again?

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