Sunday, February 21, 2010

Upset? What upset?

Russia 4, Czech Republic 2

That was a fantastic game, with the result in doubt until Datsyuk's empty net goal in the dying seconds. Russia looked out of synch against Slovakia, but this time the KHL and NHL stars meshed beautifully. The Czechs, all fine players themselves, will be bitterly disappointed to miss out on winning the group.

And here we go on NBC with yet another vastly overblown homage to the 1980 US hockey team. That was indeed a phenomenal win, but geez, could we give it a rest? Especially with the portrayal of the Russians as a military style brutal machine. They played a skillful, beautiful game, and they were just hockey players. They weren't Communist party bosses. Please, can that just be a hockey game, and not the turning point of the Cold War?


The Original Donald said...

so, should the Pittsburgh Pirates NOT celebrate the '60 team? If you want to say the US in '80 had to still win one more game, fine, but I'd put US beating The Soviet Red Army over, say, Buster Douglas as far as upsets go.

The Original Donald
Chaminade over Virginia in 83 will still be #1

David D said...

By "what upset?" I meant that the Russians shook off the Slovakia game very quickly. I agree that the 1980 upset was as big as any I can remember, outside of soccer (which regularly matches up rank underdogs with teams several tiers higher, so there are many more chances for it to happen). I'm just annoyed by the sheer jingoism every time the game is recapped.

And the Pirates should celebrate every day. Nothing is better than beating the Yankees. NOTHING. Except beating the Giants ;)