Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brewers pitching ugly

Milwaukee's last four games look like this:

at Atl, L, 6-11
at Pit, W, 3-1
at Pit, L, 9-11
at Pit, L, 3-15

Even with that win, and a sterling start from Capuano, that's 38 runs given up in four games. Bad? Yes. But historically bad? Not even close. Let's not forget the Cubs, who gave up 10+ runs three games in a row twice in 1998, and twice again in 1999. The last of those came during this magical stretch from June 29 to July 3:

vs Mil, L, 6-17
vs Mil, W, 5-4
vs Mil, L, 12-19
at Phi, L, 1-14
at Phi, L, 8-21

Yes, the Cubs gave up 75 runs in five games. Granted, this was during the truly steroidal era of the late 90s, but... 75 runs? 75??? That's something Wrigleyville can really be proud of.

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