Sunday, July 11, 2010

RIP Bob Sheppard

Bob Sheppard is best remembered by this author as the first baseman on the 1927 St. John's Prep midget squad, who squeeze bunted against Johnny Dollard, a pitcher who had lost both feet in a railway accident, and won a game in the tenth inning. Sheppard never forgave himself for this act, finally apologizing in the New York Times in 1980.

It is just and fair that Dollard learned from the experience, too, and went on to great things as a pitcher for the senior team at Brooklyn Prep. Sheppard, later the quarterback for St. John's University, took his own path to immortality, as everyone knows.

In the spirit of an Irish wake, one funny story about Bob Sheppard. I was at a Yankee game in 2000, I believe, when Michael Bolton was set to sing the national anthem, and represent his charity of choice, Child Abuse Awareness Week. Bob Sheppard announced him thus:

Now, to honor Child Abuse...



Awareness Week, Michael Bolton will sing the national anthem.

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