Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meanwhile, in Queens

There's always legal trouble surrounding some franchise or other in New York. The latest? Closer Francisco Rodriguez has been arrested for assaulting his father in law after yesterday's game at Citi Field. [Insert joke about throwing strikes here.]

Presumably he was angry about not being used to save a close game, and watching Hisanori Takahashi and Manny Acosta spectacularly implode instead.

K-Rod, who was signed as a free agent after setting MLB's single season saves record with the Angels, has been a decent closer but never lived up to the hype. Looking back at spectacular single season save totals, it's very rare for anyone to follow up with a similar number. Don't overpay an overworked closer.

Speaking of overpaying, the Mets' starting center fielder was signed on the basis of one outstanding postseason effort with the Astros, and paid as if he could be that player all the time. And while Carlos Beltran has been good, he's not exactly been Duke Snider, either. But this season, bringing him back after injury has been a flat out disaster. In 24 games, he's sporting a .185/.295/.296 line. Anemic doesn't do that justice. Angel Pagan should get the CF job back, now.

It's time to rebuild from within, and save the flashy expense for the next time they look like contending. K-Rod and Beltran should be shipped elsewhere.

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