Friday, August 6, 2010

Stupidity knows no bounds

Yes, the Knicks will be paying Isiah Thomas as a consultant, even as he continues to coach FIU. Which, to be fair, has not been the kind of abject disaster as his earlier Knicks and CBA train wrecks.

Why, though? Do the Dolans really think they need further consultation on how to suck the life out of a franchise? Is this some kind of grand, public piece of performance art, an ode to the masochism of the idle rich? Does Isiah have dirt on the Knicks organization and this seems to be the best way to pay for his silence? Is this a ploy to force Mike D'Antoni to resign and forgo a massive buyout?

It's like paying an abusive ex lover to hang around the house and offer romance advice. Nothing about this idea makes sense. Nothing at all.

Except one thing: it's the Knicks.

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