Saturday, September 18, 2010

Silver Ball rout

Alabama traveled to Duke, who were trying to become the first ACC team since 1992 to hold the Silver Ball - and yes, Florida State won a BCS National Championship without taking the Silver Ball in the meantime. No chance for Duke. Bama took out the Blue Devils with ease, 62 to 13. Next up, a trip to Arkansas, who could present a tricky challenge. Only a few poor refereeing decisions and some abysmal field goal kicking stopped the Razorbacks from ending Florida's run last season, so caveat aestus.

Went to Columbia's opening day today, and had a great time, although a stirring final drive was cut short by a disastrous snap in the red zone, leaving Fordham able to run out the clock for a 16-9 win. Columbia made enough big plays to hang around, and even lead for a while, and enough basic mistakes to make sure they lost. Fordham deserved the victory, and in truth were by far the more impressive team. Such is the lot of the Lions. On the plus side, the souvenir stand was selling game worn jerseys from the last few years for $25! I picked up a lovely number 96 road jersey, which neatly commemorates Columbia's excellent 8-2 season of 1996.


The Original Donald said...

Any predictions on the Collingwood/St. Kilda Grand Final??????

David D said...

I'm just hoping that St. Kilda wins. Collingwood is a team of pure evil.