Sunday, September 5, 2010

Upset free zone - almost

Alabama did exactly what was expected of them, even without Heisman winner Mark Ingram at tailback, putting away San Jose State, 48 to 3. San Jose State's all time record in Silver Ball games is now 0-2, while Alabama moves past Ole Miss into outright seventh on the all time Silver Ball holders list, at 48 games held. Bama's overall record is a dominant 46-19-2. Next week, the Tide host Penn State. They'll be heavily favored but this is no gimme. No Big Ten team has held the Silver Ball since Ohio State carried it into the BCS Championship game in January, 2007, and was roundly thrashed by Florida. Illinois had a shot in the 2008 season opener against Mizzou, but went down 52-42.

Going back to Ole Miss for a second: Ouch. Jacksonville State? Really? I didn't even know they had a football program.

If you'd told me three years ago that I'd be wildly impressed at Michigan beating UConn at home, well... never mind. I'm just hoping they can recover a little from the last couple of seasons. Denard Robinson is definitely the guy, anyway. But that D still needs work.

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