Sunday, October 31, 2010

Championships decided yesterday

In Suzy Hotrod's last bout for Queens, she was heroic and brilliant as ever, but Bonnie Thunders was just incredible for Bronx, scoring a Gotham record 91 points and leading the Gridlock to their third title. After she dropped a 20-0 jam on Queens late in the first half, it was basically over with the lead at 36. Queens showed life from time to time after that, but Bronx still won 132-98. Well deserved revenge for that upset regular season defeat.

Georgia took the Silver Ball to the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in Jacksonville, aka the Florida game, which seems to me to be the friendliest long term rivalry in college football. The Bulldogs spotted the Gators a big lead, roared back in the last quarter, but were ultimately doomed by a turnover in overtime. Florida's punter-turned-replacement-kicker Chas Henry nailed the 37 yarder to win and suddenly Urban Meyer is in charge of a national champion again. Even if he doesn't know it. Next up, a trip to Vanderbilt, where I bravely predict the streak of four successful challenges will end.


The Original Donald said...

Clearly Nationals have you making errors.

David D said...

No errors there. The Silver Ball is a national championship.