Sunday, October 10, 2010

South Carolina rises again

With a stunning 35-21 upset of Alabama yesterday, South Carolina took the Silver Ball home for the eighth time overall, and the first since 1994. This vaults the Gamecocks into the company of Washington & Jefferson and Texas Christian. Next up, a trip to Kentucky - at 0-15-1 in these matches, one of a group of ten schools which has managed to tie a Silver Ball game but never win one.

On the BCS front, the waters are now fascinatingly muddy. Can Auburn and Louisiana State survive the rest of the SEC schedule to stay unbeaten? If not, will a one-loss SEC team bump off Boise State for a place in the title game? Or will Ohio State and Oregon cruise the rest of the way, anyway? Of course my main interest in this is whether the BCS champ is once again the Silver Ball holder, or whether the mythical trophy takes a less predictable path.

Also, in a matchup of teams with 19 combined Silver Ball successes, Columbia beat Lafayette 42-28 to win (get this) three games in a row. Columbia. Three wins in a row. Believe it, Lions fans!

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