Saturday, November 13, 2010

Interesting times for the top 3

While Boise State cruised to a 52-14 win over Idaho, the three teams above them in the race for the alleged national championship have been living on the edge today. Auburn trailed for some time against Georgia, and was tied 28-28 before finally easing away 49-31. Texas Christian trailed 14-zip to puny San Diego State and escaped in the end with a 40-35 victory that won't impress any voters - while TCU's big scalp from last week, Utah, was awful in losing to Notre Dame. And now the world's scariest hurry-up scoring machine Oregon is trailing 7-0 well into the second quarter against Cal.

Meantime, of course, there's one college football title that's only decided on the field, and needs no voters or hog tied computers to tarnish its value. Florida is defending the Silver Ball against visiting South Carolina, and trailing 15 to 7 at half time. This game is a beauty.

Oh, and also: Columbia scored 17 unanswered points in the last quarter, the last with 37 seconds left, to roar to a comeback win over Cornell, 20-17. GO LIONS!!!

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