Monday, October 15, 2007

And speaking of luck

The Arizona Diamondbacks' incredible luck seems to have deserted them, out-mojoed by the Rockies' ridiculous streak. For those not counting, Colorado has now won 20 of 21 games at the business end of the season, including just enough wins over division foes to force a one game playoff for the wild card spot (which they won) and now a 6-0 postseason start equalled only by the 1976 Big Red Machine.

After losing to the Marlins on September 15, Colorado was 3 games behind LA and Philadelphia, 4.5 behind San Diego, and 7.5 games behind the Mets. Then the miracle began: a four game sweep of the Dodgers, three from the Padres, three from the free falling Dodgers again, then a 4-2 loss to Arizona that put the Rockies two games back of San Diego with two to play. Milwaukee, down to their last strike, came back to stop the Padres, beat them again on Fan Appreciation Day, Colorado took the last two from the D-backs, everyone else lost enough games to help out, and bam! One game playoff. The rest is history still being written.

Will this bizarre run continue? Don't bet on it. But don't bet against it, either. I, for one, will be staying up very late tonight to find out.

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Andrew Ross said...

You know, just because you roll the dice and they keep coming up 7 doesn't mean the next time you roll them you'll get a 7. Just sayin'.