Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stats for stinkers

With credit going to Neil deMause, whose idea this was orginally, we wish to propose two new baseball statistics, specifically for pitchers. These are the SUJ (Stunk Up the Joint) and CAW (Cheap Ass Win). The need for these statistics should be clear- we want to know when pitchers really sucked, and further, when they were really undeservedly lucky.


An SUJ shall be awarded to any pitcher whose runs allowed exceeds innings pitched in a single appearance, provided he allows at least three runs. Both earned and unearned runs count.

A CAW shall be awarded to any pitcher who is awarded a W (Win) in the same appearance as an SUJ or a BS (Blown Save).

Now, we just need someone with a good perl script and serious knowledge of retrosheet to give us single season and career leaders for this sort of thing. We are very curious...

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