Sunday, November 4, 2007

I never thought I'd see this either

In their first six seasons with Matt Millen as team president, the Detroit Lions rolled their way to a 24-72 record. This does include several late season games against teams resting almost the entire roster before the playoffs, but let's give them credit anyway. In those seasons, the Paper Lions won 6 games just once.

But suddenly the 2007 Lions are 6-2, a game out of first and undefeated at home, coming off a 44-7 demolition of Denver.

Could someone explain this? I find it hard to believe that Matt Millen's long term plan was a work of genius all along. Maybe they'll lose their last eight games and normality will be restored. Maybe they'll upset New England's otherwise perfect season in the Super Bowl. How would I know? After this weekend I doubt my ability to forecast the sun rising tomorrow morning.

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