Sunday, November 4, 2007

I never thought I'd see this ever

Navy 46, Notre Dame 44 (3 OT)

This was the first Navy win over the Irish since 1963, when Roger Staubach was the quarterback. Chris Kuhar-Pitters got the credit, but cornerback Ram Vela really made what may have been the greatest sack ever on fourth down with less than a minute to go, saving the game right there. He leapt clear over a blocker and onto the QB. Unbelievable. Then Navy stayed tough in overtime, finally stopping a 2 point conversion to wipe out the longest win streak by one team over another in college football history.

Oh, also, Notre Dame is 1-8.

I really never thought this would happen in my lifetime.

In other news: Virginia won yet another game by a solitary point- that's three this season, as well as two 2 point wins. Kansas put up 76 points against Nebraska - the most ever given up by the Cornhuskers. LSU won a crazy wild one at Bama to retain the Silver Ball. Unbeaten #2 Boston College lost to Florida State, and unbeaten #4 Arizona State lost to Oregon, leaving god knows who in the "please somebody beat Ohio State" BCS box seat. This has been a truly weird season.

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