Sunday, November 11, 2007

Shock and awe

Last week Navy shocked history-conscious Notre Dame. This week, Air Force bombed the last pockets of resistance, 41-24. The last time the Irish lost to two service academies in one season was in the mid 50s, around the same time Illinois last beat the number 1 ranked team.

Of course, that happened yesterday, too, on the road no less, 28 to 21. But I suspect if Ohio State really wrecks up Michigan next week, they could still make the BCS title game.

Or not. Kansas is 10-0 for the first time since 1899 and looking scarier by the week. Hawaii is 9-0, but their schedule makes Yale's look tough, so any kind of BCS bowl would be a great result there. And Silver Ball holder LSU enjoyed a 58-10 romp over Louisiana Tech, which is only surprising because the result was not an upset.

I'll quickly gloat about Maryland's 42-35 upending of #8 Boston College: HA!

But enough about football, let's talk about basketball. Navy took out North Texas, 74-62, in a defensive... oh, wait, that is a football score. Could someone explain this mess, please? Who was playing on the defensive lines? Cheerleaders?

Lastly, we bid farewell to the Orange Bowl. Miami said goodbye to the old place with a 48-0 loss at the hands of Virginia. This was a far cry from the intimidating Hurricanes of years gone by, even as recently as 2001-2002 when they held the Silver Ball for 24 games. Maybe they can persuade Jimmy Johnson to come back.

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