Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yet another streak update

The mighty Miami Dolphins continue to slide towards a perfect season for their opponents, now 0-11. Psychologically, last night must have been a crushing blow. They gave it everything. Ex Steeler Joey Porter played a superb game, making tackles, chasing down runners, batting down passes, and generally being everywhere except in the way of that one deadly field goal. But the Dolphins should take heart - they may be 0-11, but the fact is their PF/PA ratio is slightly better than both the 2-9 Jets and the very lucky 5-6 Bills, their next two opponents.

So, the latest chances:

New England (needs 5 wins): 0.48
Miami (needs 5 losses): 0.09

And for the coming weekend:

New England wins vs Baltimore: 0.94
Miami loses vs New York Jets: 0.49

And on a much more serious note, RIP Sean Taylor. Something very strange is going on there. Phone lines cut? That sounds a lot more like premeditated murder than burglary gone wrong. I hope the police figure this out, very soon.

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