Friday, December 7, 2007

Late NFL streak update

The Patriots appear to be coming back to the pack a little, failing to pummel either Philadelphia or Baltimore in recent weeks. As a result, our formulas still rate them less than a 50% shot at running the table. The biggest challenge is this week against the Steelers. Miami, on the other hand, looks worse than ever after being blown out by the Jets. Again, the biggest stumbling block comes first against the weak Bills.

If the streaks survive this week, look for skyrocketing chances in the next update.

New England (needs 4 wins): 0.45
Miami (needs 4 losses): 0.23

And for the coming weekend:

New England wins vs Pittsburgh: 0.59
Miami loses vs Buffalo: 0.55


Adam Lipkin said...

I think you mean "Bills" in that last set of odds. The odds of a loss to the Jets is now 100%. :-)

David D said...

Oops. Fixed! Thank you.