Saturday, December 8, 2007

Maize mess

You've heard all the stats before. Michigan has more wins than any team in college football history. Michigan has a higher winning percentage than any team in college football history. Michigan has the largest stadium in college football. Michigan has won 11 national championships, 42 Big Ten titles, three Heisman Trophies. Michigan has compiled an astounding 25 undefeated seasons. 36 times the Wolverines have walked away from a Silver Ball game with the trophy safely in their keeping.

So why can't they find a coach? Are Les Miles and Greg Schiano terrified of Jim Tressel and his sweater vest? Do they forsee Florida's unusual offense racking up 70-some points in the Capital One Bowl and wrecking Michigan's recruiting prospects? Is Rutgers really a better place to be?

The Wolverines will likely finish 8-5, a waste of a talented team, but this is Michigan. Good times will come again, and soon. This team owns the nations's longest current streaks of winning seasons, bowl appearances, and avoiding shutouts. Surely someone wants to coach them.

Someone? Anyone?

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