Friday, December 14, 2007

Yes, I am worked up about this

Call it roid rage. Anyway, further to the oft-mentioned chestnut about steroids not being against the rules prior to 2002, to quote the Mitchell Report:

Many have asserted that steroids and other performance enhancing substances were not banned in Major League Baseball before the 2002 Basic Agreement. This is not accurate. Beginning in 1971 and continuing today, Major League Baseball's drug policy has prohibited the use of any prescription medication without a valid prescription. By implication, this prohibition applied to steroids even before 1991, when Commissioner Fay Vincent first expressly included steroids in baseball's drug policy.

And once again, in any case, baseball does not occur in a vacuum. It is cheating to break the law in order to further your chances of winning a sporting contest. Capiche?

Andrew, please post about something else while I go and hide my drug paraphernalia...


Beth said...

David- Nice posts. Here is something to add levity to the situation:

Worth a few laughs!!!

David D said...

*laugh* Excellent :)

Thank you!

Beth said...

By the way how did you do the "Tainted" thing? Can I lift it for my blog?

David D said...

Like the other fake jerseys on this blog, I tried my luck with the MLB (and NFL) shop custom ordering system, which gives you a nice preview of the jersey you want, if you can guess a word they haven't censored yet. Feel free to lift!

I did actually order this one. We'll see whether it works its way through the system or I get a polite rejection email.