Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The best record in baseball now belongs to the 1-0 Boston Red Sox, who defeated the A's 6 to 5 in Tokyo to open the Major League season. Why is this odd? Because on Saturday I'll be seeing the Red Sox play a Spring training game.

That game will be fun, though. For the 50th anniversary of Walter O'Malley forcibly hauling the remaining Boys of Summer across the continent, the Dodgers are playing at the Coliseum, where they spent their first four seasons on the west coast. The Coliseum, a two time Olympic venue constructed in the Roman style, is very much the wrong shape for baseball. Weak fly ball hitters should have a good day indeed if they go to left field, much as Wally Moon did back in the early LA Dodger days.

90,000 seats have been sold, and many more standing room tickets, so this could be the largest crowd in baseball history, or at least since the 1959 World Series. And we'll be there, wearing the t-shirt, and pulling for the Bums.

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