Monday, September 22, 2008

I take it all back

In December 2007, the Jets tried out a completely unexpected formation against the Patriots, using wide receiver Brad Smith in his old Mizzou role as an option quarterback. That worked surprisingly well, but the Pats adjusted, and the game finished up 20-10 in their favor, as everyone expected.

But yesterday, the Dolphins really pulled one out of the bag. They called it the Wildcat, but those of us who were watching Darren McFadden at Arkansas last year know it as the Wild Hog. Set the QB in motion, snap directly to the featured running back, and let him run, hand off to the quarterback, or throw himself. Result? Four rushing touchdowns and a passing touchdown for former Auburn star Ronnie Brown.

I know, I said the NFL never tries this kind of thing. I guess I was wrong, and I'm thrilled to see a little more trickery going on, beyond the usual reverse play or fake field goal. Memo NFL coaches: more, please!

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