Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reports of Victoria's demise...

...were greatly exaggerated. When six premierships in a row were won by teams from outside Victoria (and four of those going to states where Australian football isn't even the main sport), the inevitable cry for folding or merging teams in the birthplace of the game was louder than ever.

But here we are, two years on, and Geelong has won one flag in overwhelming fashion and looks set for another. And who opposes them? Hawthorn, Footscray, and St. Kilda - true blue Victorian teams, every one.

The best part of this is, of couse, that Collingwood is no longer in the running. Maybe we might even see my beloved Carlton back in contention next year or the year after, too...

Remember, the Grand Final is in two weeks. Find a satellite TV near you and watch it! I reckon Hawthorn will get there, and Geelong will finally get revenge for 1989. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, hit a torrent site and search for the 1989 Grand Final. You won't be sorry!

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