Sunday, October 26, 2008


Penn State won at Ohio State for the first time since 1978, severely denting the Buckeyes' chances of winning a third straight outright Big Ten title. Penn State remains on watch for Texas or Alabama to stumble and leave a gap open into the BCS title game. Once again: please, for the love of Red Grange, can we have a PLAYOFF? This is ridiculous.

Texas won a very tense matchup, 28 to 24, to take the Silver Ball from Oklahoma State. This reunites the Silver Ball and the #1 AP ranking for the first time since the middle of last season, I believe.

In another nervous affair, Columbia overcame a number of mistakes to defeat Dartmouth 21 to 13 at Baker Field. This snapped a 13 game losing streak, hardly the first such dismal run in Columbia's football history. Unfortunately, we missed this, but next week we'll be at Yale cheering the Lions on in a nearly empty 61,000 seat stadium. That should be a bunch of fun, if the weather is decent.

The Queens of Pain took advantage of an injury hit and penalty prone Bronx Gridlock to break Bronx's 7 bout league winning streak and regain the Gotham Girls Roller Derby title. The staff was in the thick of the action, Andrew working on penalty tracking and David on lineups. Good luck to Andrew at next month's national championships!

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