Saturday, November 1, 2008


The anticipated trip to New Haven to see the Lions take on the Bulldogs did not happen, so I am stuck here in Brooklyn with my mind wandering all over the sporting sphere. And today it's wandered into that corner (if a sphere has corners) where people with wonderfully appropriate sporting names are gathered. So here they are, my very favorite names in the sports world:

Chuck Long - star quarterback for Iowa, 1981-1985

Steve and Nick Swisher - father and son major league ballplayers

John Torp* - punter for Colorado, 2002-2005

Angie Green - professional golfer

Cecil and Prince Fielder - ok, Hitter would be a better surname here

Anna Smashnova - tennis player

And I have to ask: why is Mardy Fish in tennis and not swimming?

* In case you don't get it, this is why Torp is a great name for a punter.


Rebecca said...

and how about...
Derek and Dale Kickett (Aussie Rules footballers), Scott Speed (Formula 1 driver), and Steve Rowbotham (British Olympic rower)

David D said...

Ow. I can't believe I forgot the Kicketts.