Monday, December 22, 2008

The Chosen One?

Here is a story in two parts.

Part 1: Thursday December 18, Penguins vs Thrashers.

Sidney Crosby wades into a fights and takes some very cheap shots at a guy who is already being held by someone else. Straight out of Slap Shot, as the link shows. Except that even in Slap Shot, no one took a punch at anyone's gonads. Sum total punishment: two minutes for roughing. No game misconduct for being the third man in, no suspension or even a single word from the NHL.

Part 2: Monday December 22, Penguins vs Sabres.

Sidney Crosby, who is not serving any kind of suspension for his misdeeds four days earlier, is kept quiet for the first 60 minutes of a 3-3 game. Then, 43 seconds into overtime, he clearly raises his stick above the crossbar to deflect a shot that was missing and score the winning goal. A two minute video review finds nothing wrong. Either the referees did not know that the goal should be disallowed, or did not care. Sabres lose to an overtime goal that should never have been allowed to stand. Sound familiar? Think back 10 years to Brett Hull.

What is it with Sidney Crosby? I understand he is a very fine player. That's all well and good. But he doesn't need the NHL treating him with bizarre favouritism in some kind of misguided attempt to make him into a new Wayne Gretzky. And the endless comparisons to the likes of Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, and The Great One are just insulting and stupid. If he ever becomes that good, he'll be his own legend. Not the second version of someone else.

Leave him alone. And for Christ's sake, please leave the Sabres alone.

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