Sunday, December 7, 2008

A nice round number

Oklahoma became the first team in college football history* to score 60+ points in five consecutive games. Not even the insanely dominant Yale and Princeton squads of the 19th century managed that. To be fair, though, both of those teams did manage to go entire seasons without conceding a single point.

The Sooners retained the Silver Ball and took the Big 12 title in style, with a 62-21 showing up of hapless Mizzou, who had started the season as the Silver Ball holder and defended it with some gusto. Those days seemed a long way away tonight.

With 929 points scored in Silver Ball games this year, the record of 935 is certain to go, barring a truly astounding turn of events. But it's not impossible! Remember Auburn's 3-2 victory over Mississippi State this season...

* Turns out I was misinformed - first team since 1919 - still and all - wow!

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