Saturday, December 6, 2008

Scattered updates

Spent a little time in the freezing cold of Bay Ridge today, photographing one of those bizarrely snug ballfields which are such a feature of Brooklyn. This one, the home of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Baseball and Soccer League, was created out of nothing by Al Christman a couple of decades ago. It sits where two freeways and busy Third Avenue all collide.

In other news:

#4 Duke 73, Michigan 81. That's Michigan's second win over a #4 team this season. Are they a real team at last? It's been a long wait through various transgressions, penalties, and disastrous seasons mixed in with the occasional NIT run.

The Age has run yet another puff piece about the bright prospects at Carlton. I'd prefer fewer puff pieces and more wins, to be honest. Especially after the 2005 and 2007 versions of same.

I have spent altogether too much time in the last few days looking at Russian hockey jerseys. My, but there are some beautiful designs around. Having ordered a 1972 USSR jersey - that was a great team indeed - I am now torn between a modern day Russia one, or maybe a Red Army one, or perhaps moving west for a Czech jersey with Dominik Hasek's name and number on. This is far too difficult.

The CBS coverage of the SEC Championship Game is so far over the top, I am tempted to stop watching. Ugh. I hope the Big 12 version (and, incidentally, the Silver Ball game) has more dignity to it a couple of hours from now.

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